in a nutshell...

I am a passionate person that receives great satisfaction from creating positive web experiences.

What exactly encompasses a positive web experience? The short answer would be, "everything." ...but that doesn't do the question justice. Not by a long shot. The long answer would be:

"Concise and meaningful copy, appropriate imagery and color scheme, intuitive navigation, ease of use, availability to all users (regardless of disabilities), and availability to all devices that browse the web." - J.B.

Does this really quantify all the necessary elements that make up a positive web experience? Well, it's a fantastic start! There are many layers to a winning site, but meeting these core requirements gets you out of the gate and running.

who I work with

I'm currently located in Fair Oaks, CA and am happy to work with anyone in close proximity. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind telecommuting. I've commonly done this in each job I've had. ...and that is exactly why technologies like Skype were invented, right? I simply prefer the ability to be available in person on a moment's notice. There's much to be said about the intimacy of face-to-face communication.

I design from a User Experience standpoint, meaning I'm an advocate for creating an interface for a site that is Usable. I'm willing to forgo an elaborate "Oooo" and "Ahhh" design for one that gives the greatest opportunity to buy your product, return to your site over the competition's, fill out your survey, or otherwise satisfy the goal of your site. This is, after all, the main reason web sites exist!

If I sound like someone you'd like to work with, check out what I do best and let's go from there.

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the team player

My preference. I do my best on teams where my greatest skills can be put to use.

Let's talk. I enjoy the chance to share ideas with other design and technical professionals. This is almost always how the greatest creations are born!

Solid foundation. While I bring current ideas and trends to the table, I remain respectful of established processes.

the freelance guy

A personal touch. Nothing beats being able to have direct access to those doing the work. I am happy to provide that when doing freelance jobs.

Multi disciplined. I keep up with trends in all areas of my profession so I can comfortably offer my skills as a well rounded private consultant.

Ultimate flexibility. Let's keep it simple. Just you, me, and industry best practice.