i do a lot

A good majority of folks in the industry I've met lately are Hybrids. Their roles in their workplaces are so spread out that the lines are very fuzzy between interface designers, interface developers, usability analysts, copy analysts (and on, and on, and on). I find myself having Hybrid status as well.

I wear many hats.

Change happens at a rapid pace in this industry, and it's a requirement to stay current. As a constant learner (and someone with too much curiosity), I am compelled to try out the new techniques about which I learn. From a new approach at making a graphic glossy to new types of deliverables to help users understand the flow of an application, I soak it up. As a result, my skills in all aspects of web design/development continue to grow.

How does this translate into work? A typical project for me involves the following:

  • User Interface/User Experience design of the site or application
  • Creation of templates and page structure (XHTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  • Content Management System (CMS) setup and integration
  • Multiple rounds of Usability testing
  • Photography
  • Creation of marketing material
  • Presentation of the site or application (publicly or informally)

what i do best

Of the typical deliverables listed above, there are certainly things that I do better than others. My greatest passions are in Rich Interface Development, Accessibility, and Usability. These three disciplines can coexist much more harmoniously now with greater industry focus on providing sites and applications to the greatest number of people on the greatest number of web-ready devices.

That means that I'm a big user of jQuery (among other JavaScript toolkits), a great advocate of Disability Standards development, and a huge follower of Jakob Nielsen (among other Usability gurus). I receive the greatest amount of enjoyment in the workplace when my job involves a primary focus on one of those three areas. ...and equal focus on all three areas would be a little slice of work heaven for me! We can all dream.

small freelance jobs

$3000 to $5000. I'll provide a price quote after discussing your needs, determining the appropriate solution on my part, and estimating my time commitment.

1 to 3 months. As I like to stay in a primary job, my freelance projects are done on the weekends and evenings. I work quickly and efficiently to meet the deadline to which I've committed.

Maintenance option. I'm more than happy to discuss the creation of a maintenance contract. For smaller, static projects, this is a very affordable option.

large freelance jobs

More than $5000. I don't have an upwards cap to my freelance prices, but I'm in the business of providing a professional, custom web solution at a competitive price.

More than 3 months. Just as I keep my prices reasonable, I keep my timeframes appropriate to your needs and the work to be done. If your need is more urgent than my schedule can allow, I'm happy to suggest colleagues with whom you can work.

Maintenance Option. For larger, frequently updated projects, a maintenance contract may be costly. I'm happy to do this for you, but also willing to do a knowledge transfer to a member of your team to keep site maintenance in-house.