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BOE ePay

2011 - CURRENT (version 1.2 in the works). This app (iPhone and Android) was built for the California State Board of Equalization (BOE) as a simple mobile interface to their existing electronic services. The 1.0 release went live in April of 2012 and allowed registered taxpayers to register electronically, maintain their online accounts, and make payments to the BOE. The 1.1 release included usability enhancements, and the 1.2 release will allow all Californians to make Use Tax payments to the BOE.

SOLUTIONS EMPLOYED: Because reuse and efficiency is a big priority in all California State Agencies, a single web-based application was built that could be easily wrapped inside of a Webview for the iPhone and Android platforms. This allowed the apps to be very lightweight, and the majority of the functionality of the overall application is controlled by a single codebase.

TOOLS/TECHNOLOGIES USED: Java, Objective-C, jQuery, jQuery Mobile