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BOE ePay. This app (iPhone and Android) was built for the California State Board of Equalization...


Joshua Ball. Web experience creator.
Fair Oaks, CA.

It doesn't take much to communicate a lot. That's a pretty simple principle that has guided much of my work over the past few years. The same principle can be further broken down and applied to all of the visual artifacts used to create a web experience. Appropriate simplicity in the copy, imagery, layout, and color scheme are a few areas where proper attention makes a site feel "easy to use." Further exploration of this site will provide greater detail on my approach and give you a better idea of Who I Am.

why you are here

It is my pleasure to demonstrate why I'd be a worthwhile employee or consultant to you. My primary goal is to work within a large organization to better the existing web experiences and create new ones of great value. I've accumulated quite a lot of knowledge in all areas of my profession that help toward that end. Most of the Things I've Done have been in this exact setting.

I also love doing freelance jobs on the side and in my spare time. I enjoy the direct connection to a client, and this is almost always where I end up learning the most. My desire to learn as much as I can has greatly enhanced my ability to deliver a complete solution. I certainly have my strengths, but I believe that being well rounded only helps me do What I Do better.

make more money

Usability (how easy a site is to use). The single greatest money-making component of a site. ...and one of my greatest passions.

If your site is revenue-generating, increasing the ease of use of your site will show higher profit numbers. Amazon.com and Overstock.com are two large online retailers that have had great success in this area. Many others have as well.

This is the best area to spend money on site enhancement.

generate more traffic

Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Being found online by people that want your business is crucial.

If you are finding that your site is just not generating the hits like it should be, you're in need of SEO. This can often be done fairly quickly and without making major changes to the site. It's a small investment for a big return.

More site visitors = more business.

put a new face on it

Site Design and Layout. "What a tired, old site!" is not something you want to have your customers say.

If your site is starting to feel out-of-date, or it feels "unprofessional" or "amateur" when compared to your competition, it's time to seriously consider putting your old look to rest and update the design and layout.

Visual appeal is a huge part of customer satisfaction.